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Dover Dave Day – September 18th, 2016



Dover Dave Day is being held held on September 18th (Sunday) this year. The last Dover Dave Day was the 27th annual hunt held in 2014. Dave has since moved out of Port Dover but due to popular demand the event is returning this year with a few changes.

  • Dover Dave will (hopefully) be present but it will be your club VP (Gerry) that is coordinating the event with a couple of helpers.
  • The beach and the water will be planted with several unique items from my own collection as well as a lot of pennies. You can hunt on the beach, in the water, in Powell Park, or any other park in Port Dover. Please follow our club’s Hunt Etiquette and Rules for this hunt and all other hunts. Please ask permission when hunting any private property.
  • Prizes will be awarded for the most pennies collected as well as any of the “unique” items recovered. Prizes will also be awarded for other items as well, but we won’t say what they are. So you are encouraged to collect everything, including all trash found. Don’t throw anything away since it could be worth a prize.
  • The hunt will be open at 6am on September 18th and will be closed at 3pm. Once closed, please bring all of your items to Powell Park where we will meet to display the finds and award the prizes.
  • After the meet and awarding of prizes we will be going to the Dover Dairy Bar for dinner. Each person will be responsible for their own expenses.

So all club members are invited to come and hunt the Port Dover Beach and its parks.

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