Rainbows End

Metal Detecting Association

July 2019


Minutes & Finds Board for July 2019

Click HERE to download a PDF of the meeting minutes.

 Finds Board Winners:  (Click on image to enlarge)


 COIN: 1858 Victoria 5 cent – Wayne P.

Voted Best Overall


 GOLD: Man’s ring


 SILVER: TIE – Silver ring with stones – Dennis J.

                         Silver Bracelet – Dan O.


 RELIC: Small toy car – Richard S.


 COSTUME JEWELRY: Necklace with Rose Pendent – Dennis J.


 MISC: Gaslight valve (old) – Dave M.


 MOST UNUSUAL:  Plumber’s solder ingot – Dennis J.


 SPECIAL MENTION: Possible 1812 military adornment with  coat of arms.

                                    Dave M. found this in Port Dover. Len T. checked the coat of

                                    arms Latin inscription and found the exact coat of arms. May have been secured

                                    a uniform or belt.