Rainbows End

Metal Detecting Association


Who and What is REMDA?

In a nutshell: The purpose of REMDA is to unite, promote, and encourage metal detecting through education and instruction in the recovery and preservation of historical facts, relics, and artifacts.  It is the intent and charter of this association to develop and maintain a positive image for metal detectorists and their activities through the performance of selected community service projects, club events, and through the adherence to the REMDA code of ethics. 

You can view the New Club Manual which contains the Rules & Constitution here.

And the more detailed answer:

Rainbows End Metal Detecting Association was formed in 1981.

Our club exists to promote and carry out the fascinating hobby of metal detecting. From its humble beginnings it has grown to be one of the largest metal detecting clubs in southern Ontario.

Through out the year some of our meetings may have a guest speaker giving a talk relating to the hobby. We also conduct club business, discuss upcoming events, tell personal metal detecting stories, have a break, and then run the ‘Finds of the Month’ board, where members bring along their finds to display and have the rest of the members vote to determine the best for the month in several categories.

Like other metal detecting clubs we carry out the practical side of the hobby by arranging several club hunts through the year on beaches and in parks. These hunts are restricted to members only.

From time to time we are also contacted by private individuals to help them search for lost items. Many of these searches result in items being returned to their owners.

Where Do We Meet?

The Society meets regularly on the second Wednesday of every month at Branch 622 of the Royal Canadian Legion in Stoney Creek, Ontario at 7:30pm. The meeting is usually held downstairs in the auditorium (but occasionally it is held upstairs in the hall beside the bar). The Legion is located at 12 King Street East in Stoney Creek. Click here for directions.

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Anyone interested in learning more about our club and our hunts are welcome to drop by to a meeting. And if you like what you see and hear you can join our club for a small annual fee.

REMDA Code of Ethics

I will respect public and private property, all historical and archeological sites and will do no metal detecting on these lands without permission.

I will keep informed on and obey all laws, regulations and rules governing Federal, Provincial, and Local Lands.

I will aid law enforcement officials whenever possible.

I will cause no willful damage to property of any kind, including fences, signs, buildings and will always fill holes that I dig.

I will not destroy property, buildings, remains of ghost towns and other deserted structures.

 I will not leave litter or other uncovered items lying around. I will carry all trash and dug targets with me when I leave a search area.

I will observe the golden rule observing good outdoor manners and conducting myself at all times in a manner that will add to the stature and public image of all people engaged in the field of metal detection.

ALL Treasure Hunters may be judged by the example you set. Always conduct yourself with courtesy and consideration for others.