Rainbows End

Metal Detecting Association

October 2020



Our October club meeting was held during our Fall Hunt at Eugene & Janet’s place. There were about 20 people in attendance. Full COVID-19 protocols were observed. Hand sanitizing, social distancing, and face masks. Two hunts were conducted with Gerry as the official Hunt Master. There were 200 silver dimes seeded throughout a section of the backyard (the grass was lefty uncut just for this event). There were also lots of prize tokens and at least $100 in clad. Everyone had fun. The meeting was held between hunts and members present were brought up to date on several items of interest.

fall-hunt-1 fall-hunt-2 fall-hunt-3  

  fall-hunt-4 fall-hunt-5


Held Saturday, October 3rd, 2020

  •  Update on the postponed Southern Ontario Beach Hunt, now being held in May 2021.
  • 50/50 SOBH 2020 Raffle Tickets will still sold and all tickets will be valid for the draw in May 2021. Tickets are available through Gerry.
  • Club membership will be due now in January 2021.
  • Legion will remain closed for the rest of this year. Our first possible meeting in the hall again will be January 2021.
  • There will be no meeting in November or December since we do not have an appropriate venue. The weather and sunset times makes it difficult to hold an outdoor meeting. Watch for further announcements.
  • Checked with all members present at this meeting and all of their families are safe and have not contracted COVID-19.
  • Janet delivered a Treasurer’s Report. There is about $2000 in the bank, plus the money from SOBH registrations from people that wanted us to hold onto their fees for the 2021 hunt.
  • One of our members (Kevin) answered a call to help in Port Credit to someone that lost their wedding band somewhere in his vegetable garden. After searching for 5 minutes the rung was located in good condition to a very relieved owner. He sent a letter to us thanking everyone for their help.
  • Of course, no Find’s Board was held. People with Find’s Board points in 2020 will have their points carried over to 2021. (3 months worth)
  • Janet held a 50/50 raffle and the winner was Eugene, who claimed a whopping $50.

If anything has been missed, please send me an email and I will update these minutes accordingly.

Supplemental: I just added a new link to our Link’s Page. It is for a site called Stout Standard. Dick Stout has filled this site with invaluable information about where to detect, how to detect, how to do proper research, obtaining permissions, play-by-plays of his own adventures, etc. Some very amusing stories, You can check it out from our Link page or you can check it out HERE.

See you all in 2021…