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Special S.O.B.H. 50/50 Draw is Still On!!!



Since the 2020 and 2021 Southern Ontario Beach Hunts have been officially cancelled, many of you may have been wondering what will be happening to the 50/50 Draw that was supposed to have taken place this May 2021. Well, it is still going to happen. And we encourage everyone to purchase more tickets to help us raise funds for the next hunt in 2022. Here is an announcement from our Hunt Master Dave P.



(reminder that the 2020 draw was postponed to be drawn at the 2021 hunt)

As of now the winners share of the 2020/2021 SOBH 50/50 draw is $300.

 Let’s all give this draw all the support you can & make this it a nice sizeable chunk of cash.

 With a lot of support, we can get the prize closer to the $1,000 winners share. I’m sure we can all use it.


  • Decide on how many books of tickets you want to purchase
  • Make arrangements with Janet Whitelaw to make your payment by ETransfer at   jmlbw1007@gmail.com
  • Once payment is finalized, Janet will inform Gerry Mros of the completed sale
  • Gerry will then proceed with issuing the tickets
  • He will write your name & phone number on each ticket.
  • He will then send you a photo of your tickets showing the numbers to your email address & send a confirmation of the numbers. Eg- 5 books. Ticket #’s 150-179.
  • He will then remove the stubs & place them into the draw bin
  • The remaining part of the tickets will be stapled together, recorded & kept on file

 This is a simple way to purchase your 50/50 tickets & it eliminates any mailing costs.

 If you have any questions pleas contact Janet, Gerry or myself (Dave Pommer)